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About In Spades

Finding specific supplies, organic products, horticultural tools, and mediums is a daunting task. Unique and cute pottery was another store trip and finding the right supplies for your new plant was a rabbit hole on the internet.  After servicing clients in other states and identifying products that aren’t available to the rural hobbyist or novice in big cities, the concept of the store was created. No more countless hours of Amazon and internet browsing to find what you need - we have it all here, in spades.


Tired of having to make multiple shopping trips and online store checkouts? It’s incredibly hard to find quality plants and supplies in one spot. Big retailers focus mostly on the everyday gardener and browsing amazon for hours is a waste of time. Buy your plants, get suggestions for helpful items such as sphagnum moss or orchid bark for your soil medium, and buy a super cute planter all from our online store.

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